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Storage, Laboratory and Logistics

Stea Srl is a complete and reliable partner. We do not limit ourselves to supplying our customers, but we offer constantly evolving services placing the customer at the centre of every service. A product storage area of over 10,000 square metres, a fleet of vehicles able to meet every need and a laboratory equipped to guarantee the products processed, have always been our strong point.


Stea with its 80 stainless steel tanks with a storage capacity of 3000 m / c and warehouses with a surface of 2000 square metres, is able to promptly meet the demands of its customers in the desired quantities.


Stea Srl is the guarantor of the companies represented through the accurate control of goods, carried out in its sophisticated laboratories and ensures the best quality standards providing each product with its own safety data sheet and sales specifications.


The rapid and efficient delivery service throughout Italy and abroad is carried out by its own fleet of transport vehicles which today consists of 4 tanker trucks, 32 compartmented barrel trailers and boxed trucks that allow the delivery of the widest range of products in drums, in cubic litres, tractors or complete ATBs.

Furthermore, we rely exclusively on Qualified and Certified Carriers according to the ADR, ISO and SQAS standards.


Our company is constantly looking for elements of added value to offer our customers in order to be able to supply not only a product together with the price, but also a series of value-added services.
Formulation and application technical assistance;
Information service on current regulations (chemical, environmental and safety regulations);
Products on specific formulations;
Solutions in response to the individual technical and commercial needs of customers;
Guarantee of high quality standard provided by a continuous technical assistence;
Optimisation of deliveries in logistic, quantitative and temporal terms;
Technical consulting service provided by specialised personnel;
Membership of the Responsible Care program.